The Hammarlund HQ-145C was and still is a fine general coverage receiver. It had crystal selectivity, a crystal calibrator, a notch filter, great sensitivity, great audio, a clock and it looked fantastic in the shack. I owned it and used it for five years and it never skipped a beat. The Ranger was replaced by a Valiant.


Hammarlund IF Repair. HQ-100, HQ-110, HQ-145 and HQ-170 IF transformers that have mica leaf capacitors in the base. How to remove them and reassemble.

21 Hammarlund HQ-180 onskas kopa eller. Per telefon m^ndag kl SSA HQ-nat lordagar kl SNT p khzssb. SM5PHT Bertil, eft KOPES RX Hammarlund HQ 200, HQ 180A, BC 312C. vippor for meter 2.560: RSL-145 GP-antenn 5/8 for 2 meter 340: 290: Diverse FF-501 Lcigpassfilter  Den Hammarlund Manufacturing Company grundades av Oscar HQ-serien (som inkluderar HQ-100, 110, 120, 129, 145, 150, 160, 170, 180,  Se vad Klara Hammarlund (khammarlund) har hittat på Pinterest – världens största samling av idéer.

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The Ranger was replaced by a Valiant. Hammarlund HQ-145 Type: General Coverage Modes: AM/CW/SSB Tubes/Stages: 11/ 1-RF, 3-IF Audio Output: 6AQ5/1.0W Product Detector: None Filter: Xtal, L/C New Price/Year: $270-$289/1959-1963 Size: 10.5"h x 19.0"w x 13.0"d Approx. Weight: 38 lbs i was listening to a few stations using my hammarlund hq-145a. i noticed that the band spread dial seems close in terms calibration. The main dial after i set the bandspread to 100 vertical line, stations seems 450 to 550kcs off.

30,8 g.

This is the manuals page for Hammarlund. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact Note that there is a limit to the number of files you can download.

Khaksar Gullstrand och Cecilia Hammarlund. - Lund :.


Hammarlund hq-145

They have nice wide IF stages and are very simple to use. They all have some means of providing selectivity, either a Q-Multiplier or crystal filtering as in the HQ-145, and while they are not a substitute for a 75A4 for selectivity, they do well in all but the worst band conditions.

Hammarlund hq-145

Other enhancements include: antenna trimmer, noise limiter, RF gain, S-meter, stand-by and AVC on/off. HQ-145C Amateur-R Hammarlund Mfg. Co. Inc.; New York, NY, build 1959–1963, 4 pictures, 10 tubes, United States of America , schematics, semiconductors The Hammarlund single conversion receivers like the HQ 129 will not usually drift much at all once warmed up properly as long as they are serviced, brought up to date with caps, out of tolerance resistors changed and good tubes and good alignment, dirt and dust in tuning caps and dirty tube sockets all can lead to problems, in fact they are rock stable compared to many of the Hallicrafters You can generally find them for reasonable prices even on Ebay. They have nice wide IF stages and are very simple to use.
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Hammarlund hq-145

10S k å .v i n gar i st o c k h o l m. NILS-ER1K BERTIL EKELUND. Född 15 febr. CARL THEODOR WALDEMAR HAMMARLUND.

For model HQ-145A, Hammarlund Mfg. Co. Inc.; About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Feb 8, 2016 - an intimate look inside a Hammarlund HQ-145A general coverage receiver from the 1960s.
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70-02-21 Er, Ho, Bm, Est, Hammarlund H 96 KL 1425 start och ut på 145 grader och åter till FIR - gränsen. /Hq. 74-07-23 Hq, Sj, Hg, Ros, Arne Lindell 1815 larm Tingstäde , saknad båt (Nimbustyp), med 2 man ombord som gått från 

See more ideas about deep cleaning, house fire, inside. Hammarlund HQ-145A I cleaned up and aligned the Hammarlund HQ 145X on Friday. It is a good looking radio, double conversion on the higher bands, with a filter, phasing, and a notch. It does not have a product detector and my unit had a weak BFO. When I turned the switch to CW SSB, there was a brief squeal, then nothing. Hammarlund HQ-145.

145 s. (Linköping studies in religion and religious education (Print),. 1404-3971 ; 1) guidelines / by Jenny Hammarlund. - Stockholm : Hq - Iransk litteratur.

Knappert, Jan. 23 cm.

For sale is reprint of Hammarlund HQ-145, HQ-145C, HQ-145E Communications Receiver Manual. 202467900354 Hammarlund HQ-145X General Communications Receiver.